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To BE all you want to be, you have to realign your beliefs, values and turn them into the change you want to BE-come

let's Transform Lives Now!

I welcome you to this site that will bring solutions to whatever changes you require to achieve success and productivity for you and your organization.

Do you know that Lifestyle Transformation is a veritable solution to many of the issues affecting personal and corporate growth and success? That for change to happen in any situation, one must transform mindsets?

Jacinta Lifestyle Re-engineering team brings deep and lasting changes to clients through the deployment of various emotional and behavioural techniques to address the limiting beliefs and negative habitual behaviours that hinders a person’s growth resulting in non attainment of corporate and life’s goals.

Let us work together to achieve and BE all you are meant to BE-come

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

Growth & Development Consultant



Life Coaching  is a process that enables you to get from where you are now to where you want to be – giving you the happy life you deserve.

Click to find out more about Life Coaching from Laila Jean St. Matthew-Daniel

Leadership Training

Our transformational leadership coaching programmes are designed to empower Executives, Management, and personnel in managerial positions to achieve their utmost peak performance. For More on Leadership Coaching programs from Laila St Matthew-Daniel


Empowerment training will really help you to discover who you truly are… Let’s Help You!. Get more details on Empowerment Programs from Laila Jean St. Matthew-Daniel 


  • The training Mrs. Daniel conducted on cross cultural diversity and team dysfunctionality was awesome.  Her team and herself gave an approach that was quite different and made for better understanding of our issues and challenges. Some participants also took advantage of additional coaching sessions on personal issues to her which was affecting their job and stated that they felt better and saw changes which in turn affected their performance at work positively.  Definitely we have more to do with her organization.

    Testimonial Richard Owolabi - Eta Zuma Mining ,

  • Laila was simply amazing at our corporate event. She basically brought all my staff to tears as she shares one of the most moving sequences of personal transformation with the audience.

    Laila is the real deal!

    Amazing Staff Transformation Session Dr Ope Banwo - Intranet Business Solutions,