16 Sep

10 Ways That You Can Increase Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. The art of appreciation isn’t designed purely to appease others and show respect. Once created, gratitude lines the fabric of the universe and attracts abundance, love, compassion, wealth and success. Increasing the energy of thankfulness in your heart can really enhance your life. 1 – Morning Meditation Upon waking, […]

16 Sep


Creative visualization is a powerful way of using mindfulness techniques to help you to attract success in all walks of life. While these are general creative visualization exercises that can be used to picture and promote almost any kind of goal, you may be more successful if you targeted exercises that are designed to help […]

16 Sep


It was the great thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson who proclaimed the words, ‘love and you shall be loved’. When it comes to the Law of Attraction and love, this is one of the key philosophies at the heart of teachings.   As most of us are already aware, love is one of humanity’s biggest preoccupations. The […]

11 Sep

8 Keys to a Successful Retirement Life

It is up to you. You are your own future planner!! You better believe that!!! If you have a working career, hopefully, your Organization has put in place a retirement programme to assist in the transition. If not, YOU, will have to project at least 24 months ahead and begin to readjust what you want […]

10 Sep


Every day, we face a countless number of CHOICES. Every moment really, we are choosing what to think, what to do next, how to act. Turn left or right? Check Facebook or go for a walk? Read the news or an inspiring book? Sit on the couch and become a couch potato or exercise? Go […]

05 Sep

Dealing with Jealousy……and How to Spot the Signs

 In my years working with victims of domestic violence and abuse, one common fact is the issue of jealousy (the ‘green eyed’ monster). This is one sign of the controlling man or in very few cases, woman.  Alexander and Sandra to all intents seemed like a couple meant for one another but there was a […]

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