30 Jan


We can’t stop emphasising the power that gratitude emits in our day to day life.  The energy that the act of attitude gives out has been known to engender happiness.  Being able to be grateful contributes to greater success in your work, enables greater health, leads to peak performance in all that you do; you […]

23 Jan


It is a well known fact that negative thoughts sabotages your mind, body, and spirit. It influences all that you do. The results of a negative mindset can leave you feeling hopeless, helpless, fearful and believe that you are not worthy!  You are branded by Procrastination, Apathy, Complacency, and Low Self-Esteem, and you begin to […]

12 Jan

80/20 Rule For Goal Setting

This is the time for deep reflection on what the year has in stock for you but unless you take charge, the end result may not be very favourable and you will have no-one else to blame but yourself.  There are many methods for goal setting and one such is using   Pareto’s principle of […]

11 Jan


Many people end the year with intended new year resolutions in all aspects of their lives and by mid January, many are floundering.  Also in some cases, frustration may set in when goals are not met by mid-year or end of year.  Hence it is crucial that you set your goals, plan and activate them. […]

11 Jan

9 Ways Your Perfectionism Trait Is Holding You Back

Do you find yourself always going over and over things you have done, just to make sure it is perfect? Do you question your ability to get things done properly – undermining your capabilities? Do you ever feel frustrated about how much you get done—and how much you don’t accomplish? Do you ever wish you […]

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