01 Mar

7 ‘DO’ Habits Of Extraodinary People

Do Habits of Extraodinary peopleIn life you have two choice: to be ordinary or to be extra-ordinary!! When you choose to be ordinary you live a predictable lifestyle. Everything is done the same way – you wake up, you eat, you go to work or your business, you eat, you come home, do your various chores, watch TV and then go to bed!! And the next day the routine is the same, with just a few adjustments.

To be extra – ordinary, you must do something different from the normal drab daily routine.  Those who are successful do the extra-ordinary to attain their goals.

Below are some Do’s that I can assure you will get you in the flow path of successful.  I have made them my toutine and so can you IF you are determined to be extra – ordinary!! Take the time to do these daily and you will see the change in your life:

  1. Do something spiritually. You will be amazed at the strength you get from beginning your day with a  prayer, scripture reading, and/or worship. It is my energy booster!
  2. Do something for yourself.  You cant take care of others if you dont take care of yourself. Charity begins at home – remember that saying? Life is too short to keep carrying other people’s weight. You must live.  So plan something for yourself every day. Something that is YOU focused!
  3. Do something for your family. We have all heard the story of the very successful business man that worked his fingers to the bone, at the sacrifice of his family and his health. Now he finds himself lying in a hospital bed struggling to make it through the night because he just had a massive heart attack. The main thing on his mind is “not” how he spent his time, but rather how he didn’t. He now wishes that he had spent time with his family showing them how much he loves them by making them his number one priority. This is a situation that can be identified with by some people! Make sure you spend time with your loved ones – dont keep saying, “there is time to enjoy”- children grow up and feelings may grow cold as well.
  4. Do something for someone else. Am sure you may have seen a video where a man gave a helping hand to a woman and she wanted to repay him. What he told her was to do something for someone else, and this started a chain reaction of good will that was so pleasnt to behold. At one point, a man handed his meal to a homeless man, who was surprised but then shared it with another person. When you do good, you feel good deep inside.
  5. Do something to increase your personal growth. Successful people know if they are not moving forward that they are moving backward. Because there is no standing still, it is very beneficial for you to develop a personal growth plan, if you havent done any by now.  A plan that can help you grow each and every day. The plan could include reading a book a month, having regular lunch with a close friend or mentor, and attend a person growth seminar at least twice this year. Information comes up regularly of these personal growth seminars/workshops.

Whatever you do make sure it stretches the most powerful tool you have – YOUR MIND

  1. Do something to enhance your profession or business. I can assure you that if you apply the list below daily by this time next year your life would have taken a new productive turn.
  • Learn – do something that will grow your business.
  • Relate – spend time with your customers/business associates.
  • Appreciate – show your team how much you appreciate them. Appreciation = Action.
  • Train – share what you know (and are learning) with your team (your team could be your affiliates)
  • Tasks list – work on 2-3 large projects each day. Set a timer if you have to so you don’t forget about all the other important people and things in your day.
  • Network – Eagles don’t flock with turkeys. In other words, successful people flock with successful people.
  1. Take time to dream.  Dreams do come true, just ask Walt Disney, Kiss Daniel, Tiger Woods, and our own Olajumoke the breadseller who has been discovered for stardom. I am convinced that dreaming is not only one of the most important things you will do all day, but quite possibly the most powerful.
  • Dream it – See it in your mind.
  • Write it – Schedule time for it.
  • Achieve it – Celebrate the success and start over.

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Laila St. Matthew-Daniel



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