The “Enigma’ called – Laila St. Matthew-Daniel………

A 21st century ‘Leadership Liaison’, Laila St. Matthew-Daniel’s passion is to help connect people to their purpose.

Over the years, she has gradually carved a niche for herself in the areas of quality performance both at work and at home. She has earned a reputation for being a transformational strategist for change and a voice for the voiceless.

With a background in administration, psychology, NLP and coaching, Laila St. Matthew-Daniel is able to empower individuals to transform their personal and professional lives. She also uses her deep spiritual understanding to enhance life-transforming solutions that empower and inspires change. Her revelatory insight opens minds and touches hearts to enable inner healing and personal realignment.

This has made her a sought after attitude and behavioural specialist. Her easy and fluid style of interactive teachings and coaching enables her to connect with people for life-transforming changes. She is a Motivational & Conference Speaker, Blogger, Author, Writer, Social Affairs Commentator, and Social Activist in Gender issues. Her ‘no-nonsense’ in-depth hands-on experiential knowledge in SME/Entrepreneurship areas and women and girl-child issues, makes her a desired guest on popular TV and radio programs.

She has written books on: entrepreneurship, personal development and spiritual empowerment and writes for  Business and Personal Development magazines.

Aside from training and coaching for peak performance, she is also a serial entrepreneur. She is a Director of  Jacinta  Limited that deals with Design & Build, Contract Interiors and Hospitality/Tourism Consultancy. Her experience in this industry spans over 25+ years which started as a furniture manufacturing company.

Laila St. Mathew-Daniel is also the visionary of ACTS Generation – a Gender based NGO geared towards the Empowerment of Women and girls, and Advocacy in the area of domestic violence and abuse. Her mission, aside from fighting for the rights of women to be respected and given equal opportunities, is to raise women entrepreneurs who can add their quota to the society by being self-sufficient.

She says:  “A Woman must not accept disrespect but reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.  She must challenge her limitations so she can be all that God has destined her to be”

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  • The training Mrs. Daniel conducted on cross cultural diversity and team dysfunctionality was awesome.  Her team and herself gave an approach that was quite different and made for better understanding of our issues and challenges. Some participants also took advantage of additional coaching sessions on personal issues to her which was affecting their job and stated that they felt better and saw changes which in turn affected their performance at work positively.  Definitely we have more to do with her organization.

    Testimonial Richard Owolabi - Eta Zuma Mining ,

  • Laila was simply amazing at our corporate event. She basically brought all my staff to tears as she shares one of the most moving sequences of personal transformation with the audience.

    Laila is the real deal!

    Amazing Staff Transformation Session Dr Ope Banwo - Intranet Business Solutions,

My Latest Quote

Your Passion will manifest what you are destined to Be – Laila STMD