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09 Feb


Have you got all it takes to be the NEXT CEO? Yes YOU!  BUT, are you satisfied with the level you are at? Or ‘have you a dream’ of becoming a force to be reckoned with in your field? Do you require support (resources) to articulate your dreams? The only boundary to your success  are […]

12 Jan

80/20 Rule For Goal Setting

This is the time for deep reflection on what the year has in stock for you but unless you take charge, the end result may not be very favourable and you will have no-one else to blame but yourself.  There are many methods for goal setting and one such is using   Pareto’s principle of […]

30 Jul


Stress affects your health and can lead to all sorts of serious health issues.  Most times the key to avoiding stressful situations are staring us in the face but we either walk in denial or refuse to take action.  I always say, YOU, are the captain of your ship – your life on earth and […]

30 Jul


Self appraisal allows you to remind yourself and your boss of your accomplishments, put your successes and missteps into context, and articulate goals for the future. But doing it well can be tricky. How many people are truly objective about their own performance? And how can you find the right balance between self-promotion and self-criticism? […]

27 Jul

Benefits Of A Positive Attitude

Each day brings with it all kinds of challenges – both in your personal and work/business life, BUT it is the way you perceive them, your attitude, that will have the most effect on how you deal with these challenges.  Attitude, it is said, is the best predictor of success and peak performance in all […]

16 Sep

10 Ways That You Can Increase Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. The art of appreciation isn’t designed purely to appease others and show respect. Once created, gratitude lines the fabric of the universe and attracts abundance, love, compassion, wealth and success. Increasing the energy of thankfulness in your heart can really enhance your life. 1 – Morning Meditation Upon waking, […]

20 Aug


If you are thinking of throwing in the  ‘9 – 5’  job and starting your own business, you are not alone. But  the reality is, how do you build the new business you have dreamt about when you’ve got bills to pay, food to put on the table and a household to support?  It can […]

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