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12 Jan

80/20 Rule For Goal Setting

This is the time for deep reflection on what the year has in stock for you but unless you take charge, the end result may not be very favourable and you will have no-one else to blame but yourself.  There are many methods for goal setting and one such is using   Pareto’s principle of […]

11 Jan

9 Ways Your Perfectionism Trait Is Holding You Back

Do you find yourself always going over and over things you have done, just to make sure it is perfect? Do you question your ability to get things done properly – undermining your capabilities? Do you ever feel frustrated about how much you get done—and how much you don’t accomplish? Do you ever wish you […]

16 Dec

How To Avoid Family Fights This Holiday

The season is here again, where you look forward to spending time with your closest friends and family. You enjoy the comfort that comes from being with people who have known you for many years. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to just be yourself. In all of this, there may a be a […]

30 Jul


Stress affects your health and can lead to all sorts of serious health issues.  Most times the key to avoiding stressful situations are staring us in the face but we either walk in denial or refuse to take action.  I always say, YOU, are the captain of your ship – your life on earth and […]

18 Jul

The Porcupine & Relationships

It was during the coldest winter yet and animals were dying.  The porcupines realising the situation decided to come together to keep warm, and protect one another so as to survive the harsh winter. Unfortunately, their spiky quills made it uncomfortable to stay in such close proximity, so they separated. This decision, of course, left […]

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