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05 Oct


We are going to discuss the holistic health of men which is often overlooked by men themselves. But this information is not just for men, but for women because there is no woman who does not know a man 40 years and above – father, uncle, brother, son, friend, neighbour, colleague.  We are going to […]

05 Oct


As promised during my live face book video – here are the tips I discussed. This is a list of the most important choices for staying sound in body and mind for years to come. Some of the most important health tips which help give men of all ages a strategy for staying fit and […]

20 Jun

Jaundice In New Born Babies

Last week my young intern called, when we all took time off, that her 2 day old nephew had to be taken to the hospital because of a noticed eye discolouration. I wondered what that could be.  She told me later that he was diagnosed as having ‘jaundice’.  Then I remembered that a cousin had […]

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