Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, drives a growth and development organization, that uses coaching, psychology, and neuro-linguistic programmed tools to address the limiting beliefs and negative habitual behaviours that make training non productive and sustainable. 90% of performance issues are behavioural and there is a need to let the workers know that they are the personal brand that would feed into the bigger vision of the organization – they are an essential part of the whole company.

Our Team are professionals verse in the transfer of knowledge for productivity, success and peak performance to reflect on the bottom line. The life coaching methodology we employ is a veritable solution to many of the issues affecting personal, team and corporate growth and success. It brings deep and lasting changes to clients through the deployment of various emotional and behavioural tools to engage the subconscious mind; thereby producing incredible transformation in attitude and actions. This in turn guarantees the desired outcomes and ensures the fulfillment of the overall organizational objectives that will bring about desired outcomes.


The training programs  are designed to empower Executives, Management, and personnel in managerial positions to achieve their utmost peak performance in the following areas:

–   Organizational Culture Design
–   Building Trust in Leadership
–   Work/Life Balance Coaching
–   Self Mastery & Peak Performance Coaching
–   Health & Welbeing for Peak Performance
–   Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success
–   Team Connectivity Dynamics

–   Personal Branding for Executive for
–   Workplace Ethics & Etiquette for Professionalism
–   The effect of Domestic Violence on the Bottom Line of Organizations

These Coaching Modules can be “Bespoke”, organized In-House or Planned Retreat, within Lagos Out-of-State or Country.  We can also work with your Organizations for ‘specific Needs’ Training.COACHING.

Do get in touch so we can discuss and give a more detailed proposal…… Contact Us on: +234-817-835-5007