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Many people feel unhappy, health-wise and security-wise, after 60 years of age, owing to the diminishing importance given to them and their opinions. But, it need not be so, if only we understand the basic principles of life and follow them scrupulously. Life does begin after 60 because there is so much experience and knowledge to bring to bear. A lot of well known men and women invented and occupied positions of importance, after the big 60 of semi-retirement. BUT it is all in your hands. You are the Captain of your ship, by the grace of God, you need to steer it well. I refer to this period as “the Sexy 60’s”. Here are ten mantras to age gracefully and make life after ‘semi-retirement’ pleasant.
1. *Never say I am old’:*
There are three ages, chronological, biological, and psychological. The first is calculated based on our date of birth; the second is determined by the health conditions; the third is how old we feel we are. While we don’t have control over the first, we can take care of our health with good diet, exercise and a cheerful attitude. A positive attitude and optimistic thinking can reverse the third age. What you say, you become.
2. *Health is Wealth:*
If you really love your kith and kin, taking care of your health should be your priority. Thus, you will not be a burden to them. Have an annual health check-up and take the prescribed medicines regularly. Do take health insurance coverage, if you can.
3. *Money is important:*
Money is essential for meeting the basic necessities of life, keeping good health and earning family respect and security. Don’t spend beyond your means even for your children. You have lived for them all through and it is time you enjoyed life. It is your “ME” time. If your children are grateful and they take care of you, you are blessed. But, never take it for granted. Bring that dream idea into fruition now.
4. *Relaxation and Recreation:*
The most relaxing and recreating forces are a healthy religious attitude, good sleep, music and laughter. Have faith in God, learn to sleep well, love good music and always try to see the funny side of life. Don’t over stretch yourself with activities that can deplete your energy.
5. *Time is Precious:*
It is almost like holding a horses’ reins. When they are in your hands, you can control them. Imagine that everyday you are ‘born’ again. Given a new lease of life. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is ready cash – use it profitably. Live this moment; live it fully, now, in the present time. Stop worrying, start living!
6. *Change is the only Permanent Thing:* We should accept change – it is inevitable. The only way to make sense out of change is to join in the dance. Change has brought about many pleasant things. Change is the only constant in life. When you fear the change of age, it will catch up on you faster.
Life at 60
7. *Enlightened Selfishness:*
All of us are basically selfish. Whatever we do, we expect something in return. We should definitely be grateful to those who stood by us. But, our focus should be on the internal satisfaction and the happiness we derive by doing good for others, without expecting anything in return. Perform a random act of kindness daily. It is therapeutic.
8. *Forget and Forgive:*
Don’t be bothered too much about others’ mistakes. We are not spiritual enough to show our other cheek when we are slapped in one. But for the sake of our own health and happiness, let us forgive and forget them. Otherwise, we will be only increasing our blood pressure and polluting our energy flow.
9. *Everything has a Purpose:*
Take life as it comes. Accept yourself as you are and also accept others for what they are. Everybody is unique and is right in his own way. People’s perception are their reality. Learn not to judge – there is always a reason whether right or wrong.
10. *Develop New Relationships:*
Most women over 60, even women who are married or in a relationship, are afraid of being alone. Single women may wonder if they will every find love again, while married women may worry about the prospect of their partner dying before them. Either way, the fear of loneliness is all too real for women of our generation. Regardless of your relationship status, now is the time to build a social support system that will keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life. You are an amazing person and you have so much to share with the world. Explore your hobbies with like-minded people
 Your life story
11. *Understand and Accept Your Body Image:*
People often say that one advantage of getting older is that you become more comfortable with yourself. This is partially true. You definitely gain wisdom with age – and with wisdom comes acceptance. At the same time, society continues to promote stereotypes that women of 60* are invisible, unstylish, or are not interested in sex. In addition, you are constantly bombarded with anti-aging ads and “older” 30-year-old models. Accepting yourself after 60 is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, why wouldn’t you want to be in great shape, wear stylish clothes and take care of your skin? There are plenty of ways to do exactly this. On the other hand, you need to learn to love who we are and embrace the changing perception of beauty after 60! Just remember to be kind to yourself and remember that you are beautiful, inside and out.
12. *Overcome the Fear of Death:*
We all know that one day we have to leave this world. Still we are afraid of death. We fear the unknown – but your faith in God is what should stabilise your racing thoughts. We also think that our spouse, family, friends, and children will be unable to withstand our loss. But the truth is no one is going to die for you; they may be depressed for some time. Time heals everything and they will go on.
Share to all 60 plus you may know* Also to those younger – having a positive attitude and optimistic outlook is the best anti-aging solution! 🙏
(original by anonymous, and edited by me – July, 2016)

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