It is expedient that citizens involve themselves in trying to influence social change for the benefit of the populace. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel spearheads such change as well as being a part of groups that seek for good governance in all spheres.

We are engaged in  various activities when necessary to promote, guide business policies, government, environmental change, and influence the actions of individuals and groups. She and her team of volunteers try to build connections among groups and communities and disseminate information on specific issues to create awareness and sensitization.

Some of the these activites are as follows:

lailast projects 1

  ACTS Generation, a gender based organization focused on zero tolerance towards violence and abuse of     women and the girl-child. The essence is to intervene, find solutions, and empower victims towards total       rehabilitation and total recovery. We, daily, intervene with victims and also organise seminars and                   workshops for awareness and sensitization. We also offer emotions and trauma counselling/therapy for         victims and survivors. The next phase is a get funding to put up a Holistic Centre to cater and empower the    women and girls.check the website:………..


Rally-with-me-5th-May1Bring Back Our Girls – She was part of the organizers of the initial move, on the 25th of April, to protest vehemently the abduction of the Chibok girls that took place 2 months after the slaughter of the Buni Yadi boys on the 25th of February.  This slaughter led to her organizing  a ‘first of its kind’ simultaneous walk themed Nigerian Women Mourn on the 6th March – 2014 –  which laid a foundation for the bold outcry against the abduction of the Chibok girls.. Intervention is on-going and work is on with assisting the IDP’s in Lagos.  She in collaboration with a team of psychologiest, life coaches, trauma coaches had projected the need for readiness of trauma clinics  with regard to some returnees, their the mental health of IDP’s and the families of the girls and communities:……….


IMG-20150319-WA0012Buhari4Nigeria:  This is a group which was made up of professionals who were worried about the state of the country and  decided it was best to activate the power of choice and vote in another party who is believed will bring about the change required to take Nigeria out of the mess we found ourselves. We campaigned ferociously using all the tools of the social media and are now working as a support gourp to make sure the present government keep to their promises….                            


buhari campaign 11Change Vigilante – a not for profit group formed in the aftermath of the elections to hold all politicians accountable for all election promises throughout their tenure by reminding them of their promises and helping them remain faithful to them……..



Bag of joy 2  BAG OF JOY – A sharing of food, clothes, books to less privileged children and women during the festive     seasons of the year, most especially the end of year.  This brings joy to the faces of the children and women     who otherwise may not have the ability to indulge during this period of celebration. The joy they feel and       the singing is best imagined in the midst of plenty. We always need assistance to reach out to them.                 ……