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 Ever wonder who you really are? One day you are sure you have everything under control and next day you become confused and you wonder if you know the real you?

 The answer to that is:  You are YOUR PERSONALITY – the sum total of the thing you believe in, the things you value  and the things you’ve experience!

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Women with amazing power and potential to do great things in their families and  world but who are stuck in their own self doubts and limitations.

I have made my mistakes and gone through my learning curves till I got to this point. What happened for me is possible for you.  That is why I am dedicated to helping women awaken the amazing woman within.

Whether you want to be a world changer or change your world, I have the tools and knowledge to guide you in your transformation.

hands and plantI see my relationship with women I coach as being a lot like raising flowers. As I coach them, I plant SEEDS of hope in an effort to bring healing in both personal and corporate life.

Through repeat coaching I provide the ingredients needed to bring about the wonderful blossoming that occurs whether it be confidence in leadership, careers, relationships etc.,

I present the soil in which the flower (you) is planted. It is the caring concern of the personal coaching style which acts as the SPECIAL fertilizer that grows the flower to a condition ready for blooming.

Ultimately, it is God himself, however, who unfolds the bloom to enable you to –

Know yourself

Know the important people in your life

Know all that God can do for you and yours.

The Empowerment Coaching Program is your step by step guide to awakening your power and potential.

This Coaching Program is for you if:

  • You still feel stuck after attending numerous workshops, seminars and retreats.
  • You’ve read spiritual and self help books but don’t know how to translate them into practical changes for you.
  • You are ready to move from intellectually knowing to finally living your truth.
  • You desire more meaning, purpose and depth in your life.
  • You want to know that you have evolved into the greatest woman you could be.

I know you’ve gotten something from everything you’ve learned, but I also know there’s a part of you who wonders, when is it going to all come together?  When am I going to feel like my transformation has happened?  Will I ever get to live all that I know to be true? 

 I have a message of hope for you: “You are not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. I’ve been where you are.  I know you and I know how to help you finally master your transformation.”


 The Empowerment Coaching Program is your step by step
guide to finally mastering your transformation


After completing the Empowerment Coaching Program, you will:outstretched arms

  • Experience radical results in the areas of relationships, wealth, career and health.
  • Get answers to the why questions such as “why am I here” and “why do I do what I do”?
  • Move & break free through blocks which have previously been in place for years or decades.
  • Discover deeper meaning in your life and fulfil your destiny and purpose.
  • Create more focus and time for your goals & gain personal/professional success
  • Heal at the deepest level from previous abuse or neglect.
  • Know how to turn life’s challenges into opportunities.
  • Radiate as the AMAZING woman you came here to be.


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